Life in Yuma County

Welcome to the Sunniest City in the World! 

Yuma County is the crown jewel of the desert southwest.  In addition to our abundance of sunny days, we enjoy countless amenities that not only make Yuma County a highly livable community but a gloriously unique one, too!  We have access to a variety of water recreation, outdoor activities, community events, public programs, a solid education system, unique shopping, and our cultural diversity makes these things even better.  Not to mention, the people in our community have the biggest hearts and are committed to helping those in need when called upon. 

Our high quality of life accounts for the steady population growth over the past few decades.  According to the Census Bureau estimates, Yuma County’s year-round population was 213,787 in 2019.  The City of Yuma accounts for just less than half the population with 98,205 in 2019.  South Yuma County has also seen steady growth in the past 15 years. Click here to be redirected to the US Census Bureau QuickFacts site. It provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more.

Yuma County is located in the Sonoran Desert and our summers reach triple digits every year, especially between June and September.  But those high temps begin to decline in October and lead into a beautifully mild climate the rest of the year.  Our winter temps usually peak in the 60s, so our community is a popular winter retreat for our neighbors to the north.  But for the locals, the summer temperatures are a small price to pay. Click here for climate and weather averages for our area.

Yuma County is centrally located between Phoenix and San Diego with the border of Mexico to our South and West.


Yuma has many different schools and educational paths to choose from. There are 10 public school districts with Yuma County Superintendent's Office as the overseer. 

The Yuma County Superintendent's Office maintains a list of Charter and Private schools, as well as information on homeschooling. These include Yuma Catholic High School, Southwestern Christian School, PPEP Tec, and AmeriSchools Academy.
Many higher education opportunities exist through Arizona Western College, NAU Yuma U of A Yuma, and ASU Yuma. 

Arizona Western College provides local students with over 100 degree and certificate opportunities in a wide range of academic and career technical programs, as well as non-credit courses, professional development, customized training, and personal enrichment areas. 

In addition to earning a certificate or AA degree, you can also obtain a Bachelors degree in Yuma through Yuma campuses for the three state universities:

Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

Healthcare in Yuma

Yuma County is fortunate to have the finest medical professionals and the latest health care technology.  From simple dental exams, family vaccinations and checkups to the most sophisticated medical technology available, highly skilled health care professionals are always available. 

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is a not-for-profit health care organization which partners with a strong medical provider community to deliver the full spectrum of acute care, medical and clinical services.  Learn more about Yuma Regional Medical Center at 

Serving those who are medically uninsured or underserved are Regional Center for Border Health, and Sunset Health, our local Community Health Providers.


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