The ambassadors extend the hand of friendship that bridges the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce and its members with the business and professional community at large. Please contact our office for more information on our Ambassador program or if you're interested in joining this amazing group of volunteers!


The Education Committee focuses on programming for the chamber's monthly breakfasts and the training sessions that are held.

Legislative Affairs

This committee meets periodically, more often during session, to identify issues that require review; gather and evaluate information; and make legislative recommendations. Most meetings are attended by local, state, and federal elected officials or their representatives.


The Membership Committee meets and discusses ways to help members maximize their chamber member benefits and convey the value of their Chamber membership.

Regional Task Force

Previously known as the South County Task Force. The name of the committee was changed recently to include our friends in Dateland, Tacna, and other outlying areas. This committee is tasked with engaging the unincorporated areas to plan for the needs of businesses who are not in the City of Yuma. 


Monitors, researches and coordinates action on behalf of business regarding all forms of transportation activity in Yuma County, including air, rail, highway and water.