Yuma County is diverse and that reflects positively on our economy.  We have always been a place with abundant water, sunshine and business opportunity.  Beginning with our rich history as a commercial crossing point on the Colorado River, Yuma is now a strategic crossroads for trade in North America.  


  • Between 1990 - 2000, the City of Yuma has grown 36%.
  • Classified as a Metropolitan Statistical Area, one of only three MSA's in Arizona.
  • Third fastest growing metropolitan area in the country.
  • Foreign and national business investors suddenly find Yuma on a new set of maps with higher ranking as a "place to do business."
  • A recent study, titled "Yuma County, Arizona: Growing Business At The Border," locates Yuma strategically in the Desert Pacific Region. This market area reaches Las Vegas to the North, Albuquerque and El Paso to the East, Mazatlan to the South and takes in the entire Baja peninsula North to Los Angeles, California.

Population as of 2010 Census

Jurisdiction 2000 2010

Yuma County 160,026 195,750
City of Yuma 77,515 93,064
City of San Luis 15,322 25,505
City of Somerton 7,266 14,287
Town of Wellton 1,829 2,882
Unincorporated 58,094 60,012

 The 2017 estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau has these statistics on Yuma:

Yuma County            207,534

City of Yuma                 95,502

City of San Luis           32,446

City of Somerton       16,120

Town of Wellton            2,989


Primary Industry

Industry $

Agriculture $3.3B
Military $900M
Tourism $664M
  • Yuma's industry and manufacturing base has grown steadily on both sides of the border (maquiladoras included) precipitating additional trade in the Yuma-Rio Colorado region.

  • We support two military bases: Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma (MCAS) and U. S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG).

  • A local organization provides community support for our two military bases. For more information on this group, visit  

  • For specific economic development assistance, contact the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation (GYEDC) at (928) 782-7774.



  • On Interstate 8, more than 6.5 million vehicles per year (18,000 per day) pass through Yuma. At San Luis, another 2.6 million autos and 46,000 commercial vehicles cross annually.

  • Shoppers from Mexico contribute approximately $2.2 billion annually to Yuma County.

  • Yuma's annual sales continually show healthy increases compared to other parts of Arizona and the nation.

  • A Yuma business myth: As with many communities in Southwestern Arizona, Yuma's summer business seems to "die off". There is some truth to the story, but not much. In the slowest sales months of the year (June, July and August) the aggregate sales by Yuma businesses represents 22-24% of their annual sales.



  • Tax rates vary according to school district.
  • In Arizona, tax rates are stated in dollars per hundred of assessed value, rather than a mill rate like many other states. 
  • Assessed values are a fractional part of the full or limited value of the property with commercial property being assessed at an 18% assessment ratio while residential property is assessed at 10%. For example:
    • Assessed Value on a $500,000 commercial property would be $90,000.
    • Assessed Value on a $500,000 residential property would be $50,000.


Sales Tax Table


Yuma County 6.7% 6.7% 6.7%
City of San Luis 10.7% 10.7% 10.7%
City of Somerton 10% 10% 10%
City of Wellton 9.2% 9.2% 11.7%
City of Yuma 8.4% 10.4% 10.4%

 *Tax percentages figured from and  

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