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The Yuma County Chamber of Commerce is a strong representative voice for the entire business and professional community of Yuma County. The Chamber serves its members through dedication to the preservation of the American free enterprise system. The Chamber encourages balanced business development; enhancing the community’s social, educational, cultural and recreational environments.

Application Process

Upon payment and completion, this application will be submitted to the Membership Committee for review.

After review, the Committee will notify the Board of its recommendations at the next Board Meeting.

In the unlikely event that membership is denied, a full refund will be issued within 3 business days of the Board's decision.

Annual Membership Rates

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2 part-time employees = 1 full time

General Business, Non-Profit, and Associate Dues

Count Annual Fee
(1-9) employees $290.00
(10-24) employees $440.00
(25-39) employees $660.00
(40-79) employees $900.00
(80-109) employees $1200.00
(110-249) employees $1800.00
(250-499) employees $2400.00
(500+) employees $3000.00
Associate Members (members not promoting a business) $115.00
Non-profit members $195.00

The Yuma County Chamber of Commerce accepts cash, check, money order, as well as Visa or Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments can be taken over the phone or in person. Fees are for 12 consecutive months of membership.

A Yuma County Chamber of Commerce staff member will contact you within 5 business days of receiving your membership application.

Member Application

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Given it’s mission, the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce has adopted a code of ethics to guide its Board of Directors, committees, staff and members in their conduct as representatives of the Chamber. It is one element of a broad effort to maintain a quality organization that gives ethical conduct the highest priority.

I will act at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in the best interest of the Chamber, its members, and its reputation.
I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.
I will display a positive and supportive attitude and appropriately acknowledge contributions from individuals and organizations who help facilitate the Chamber’s mission.
I will respect and support my business community, the Chamber and my fellow members.
I will strive to improve the local economy by first referring and promoting fellow members and their businesses.
I will strive to support local businesses, hire local applicants, and purchase from local sources whenever possible.
I will be truthful with the members and will build goodwill and trust by honoring my commitments and promises.
I will become familiar and abide by all local, state and federal statues that govern my business.
I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession and will provide the quality of service at the prices I have quoted.
I will maintain a professional relationship and attitude towards my customers/clients and competitors. If I find myself in dispute or have a divergent position with any person, I will conduct myself appropriately and attempt to settle the situation in a manner that is fair and respectful to all parties involved.
I will honestly abide by this code of ethics and comply with all existing rules, regulations, policies and procedures as well as those that may be announced and published in the future. The Board of Directors retains the right to terminate my membership should they deem appropriate.

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